The Bib. Are the reviews from the bib still accessible from the site?

I'm heading to NYC in a few weeks and would love to reread the reviews but I can't seem to access them. I found a few of the reviews through the search feature but when I click on it, it takes me to a page with no content.

  • Posted by: melissav
  • December 17, 2011


melissav December 19, 2011
Amanda - thanks for checking. We'll definitely planning to try Torrisi. Would love any other recommendations you may have, if you don't mind! We're up for anything from high-end to low-end and all in between. We are also thinking of spending a morning/afternoon in Brooklyn, eating and shopping. Would appreciate any thoughts on the best neighborhood to focus on and any restaurant/shopping recommendations there as well.
Amanda H. December 28, 2011
Couple more thoughts: Really like Franny's in Brooklyn, and if you go there, you must stop in at their shop BKLYN Larder, which I think is the best curated grocery store in the city. Also in Brooklyn: Roberta's, Brooklyn Kitchen, Whisk, Bedford Cheese shop (these are all in Williamsburg). And Grab, Frankies Spuntino. In Manhattan, for a fancier dinner, I'd try Locanda Verde or Maialino. And this isn't food related but don't miss a walk on the High Line. Such a treat. Have a wonderful time!
melissav December 28, 2011
Awesome; really appreciate the suggestions! Happy Holidays.
Amanda H. December 19, 2011
melissav -- so sorry but I checked and you're right, they're not available on the new site. We're in the process of designing new pages for the book and restaurant tournaments, but they may not be up before you get to NYC. Would be happy to make some suggestions -- definitely put the Bib winner, Torrisi, on your list!
happycao December 18, 2011
Yah, strange I can't see the decision part either?
melissav December 17, 2011
Thanks for the response but I still can't see the content. I am able to page through but if I click "See the decision HERE." to actually read the reviews, I get that page with no content again.
Amanda H. December 17, 2011
Try here: (and if you look at the upper right you can click on next and just click from review to review).
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