A question about a recipe: Corn and bacon pie

I have a question about the ingredient "pieces center-cut bacon, chopped into lardons" on the recipe "Corn and bacon pie" from fiveandspice.
What is a lardon?

  • Posted by: SEW
  • December 19, 2011
Corn and bacon pie
Recipe question for: Corn and bacon pie


amysarah December 19, 2011
Also, lardons are not usually cooked to the crisp bacon stage; they're chewy, meaty little nubbins of bacon goodness.
fiveandspice December 19, 2011
Just what I would have said, though I probably would have explained it less eloquently!
Merrill S. December 19, 2011
A lardon is just a type of cut -- it's a rectangular baton about an inch long and 1/4 an inch around. You'll need to start with thick-cut or slab bacon in order to cut it into lardons -- regular sliced bacon is too thin, although you could probably get away with little strips rather than lardons for this recipe.
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