When a recipe calls for "10 cups of fresh spinach"... does that mean packed?

Guacamole Girl


Guacamole G. November 13, 2010
Thanks everyone! I'm new here and I should have posted a link to the recipe in the beginning. I want to share it now because it was so good... and a great way to use butternut squash. On the spinach, my solution was a hybrid of mrslarkin and Mr Vittles ideas. I did use 10 cups.

nutcakes November 13, 2010
10 cups raw spinach, packed but not bruised, sounds about right for a lasagne layer to me. Do the instructions say to then cook it? You haven't said yet if the recipe implies if it is cooked first or not
pierino November 13, 2010
Guacamole Girl, I'm guessing from your answer that the recipe really means 1 cup of cooked spinach and not 10. It has to be a typo.
ShieldCook7 November 13, 2010
The amount and the fact that it's a lasagna leads me to think the recipe probably means a rough chop and NOT packed, but that's just what I would do.
Guacamole G. November 13, 2010
Thanks, all!... yes, I should have mentioned what the recipe is. It's butternut squash lasagna. One of the layers is sauteed spinach & onion. The recipe makes two trays. I've used spinach in lasagna before but never followed a recipe. And, I agree, 10 cups did seem like a lot!
mrslarkin November 13, 2010
Without looking at the recipe, I'm guessing this means raw spinach, since spinach is the incredible shrinking vegetable after it is cooked. And, yes, I would wash, then gently pack the spinach into a big measuring cup, but don't go all Chuck Norris on it.

Like pierino said, 10 cups of cooked, packed spinach is a ridonculous amount of spinach, unless you're making spinach for, you know, a small army, or a large wedding.

Just curious, what does the recipe say to do with the spinach?
pierino November 13, 2010
And ten cups is one hello, hell of, a lot of spinach. I mean a lot. That's like about fifty souffle's worth of spinach.
Mr_Vittles November 13, 2010
Yes. It should mean that it is blanched and shocked, and packed.
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