What are your favorite Quince Recipes?

Found quinces at a Persian market for a great price and couldnt pass up a bargain....but what do I cook with them? Never used them before...

Jain Silver


Carebearcp December 26, 2011
here's a few recipes
luvcookbooks December 26, 2011
p.s. If you search Hotline you will also find a number of previous Hotline questions about quinces... have fun! I envy you!
luvcookbooks December 26, 2011
Quince paste, quince apple pie, quince in lamb dishes (Persian), quince sauce (like apple sauce, but so beautiful and fragrant), quince and orange marmalade (makes all kinds of wonderful preserves), spiced quinces (a compote)... also google a lovely looking recipe for Quince Challah... there are a number of quince recipes on Food52. Please post what you decide to make and how it turns out. Jane Grigson and Fran Gage are good authors to turn to for quince techniques. Just recently I figured out that I could use a swivel vegetable peeler to take off the peel, saving much valuable quince flesh and probably several fingers...
Nadia H. December 24, 2011
This fall, for a second year in a row, a neighbor unloaded several crates of quinces on our porch so every night for a week I cooked quinces until I could not see them any more. I found the most versatile is to poach them in vanilla syrup (I used a recipe by Alice Waters), then you can use them for pie or tarte, combined with apples is very nice, there are some recipes on this site. If you really have a lot, maybe chutney. I made a quince chutney with apples and butternut squash that I canned, we had some with our Thanksgiving turkey and I we'll have it also with the Christmas roast. I wrote down my favorite quince recipes and put them on my blog, in case I get hit with quinces again next fall...
Kate M. December 23, 2011
I make membrillo, quince fruit leather and also pop one into an apple pie for a flavor sensation!
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