Italian long sweet peppers - how best to use up 12 to 15 lb

Another sign of fall...these lovely peppers. Found a half bushel box at a great price. Using some for current cooking. Looking for your favorite or recommended ways to preserve - pickling, freezing, others?

  • Posted by: Nancy
  • September 12, 2021


Nancy September 13, 2021
Thank you all for your suggestions and recipe links. 😊 Some are new to me and some are reminders. Will report back after cooking and preserving.
Nancy September 17, 2021
Reporting back. Aside from eating some raw, and in a vegetable stew, I've frozen a batch, roasted more and jarred them with oil and either garlic or onions.
Yet to do brining or lactic fermentation.
Looking forward to bruschetta, salads, etc.
Will definitely repeat next year.
drbabs September 12, 2021
Confit them with onions.
702551 September 12, 2021
With such a large quantity, I would undoubtedly try multiple preparations.

The first would be roasting, peeling and freezing them. They can be used by themselves or combined with other ingredients. Roasted peppers are great in tomato sauces, chilis, stews, etc.

The second process would be pickling them with brine, much like the pickled veggies served in Mexican restaurants. I'd probably add other items like onions and carrots. Herb choice would be up to you.

The third process would be traditional lactic fermentation, like sauerkraut, thus 2% salt by weight and pressing the peppers until they are submerged. Lactic fermentation durations depend on ingredient, ambient temperature, etc. but for me usually reach what I consider done in 10-14 days. Jar and refrigerate.

I'm sure a judicious web search for "preserving peppers" will turn up many more suggestions so of which might be more appealing to you than the ones I have presented here.

Best of luck.
KLS September 12, 2021
When I was growing up, my aunt lived in an apartment owned by some Italian people. Their grandmother made roasted red peppers with garlic in olive oil. Not sure how they remained preserved as I don't think she canned them and I don't remember refrigerating them either, but they sure were delicious!
I googled this, but there were so many recipes I couldn't pick one to link here.
Another way, if you like sauerkraut is to stuff the peppers with the kraut and then pickle them. You can either can them or just refrigerate them.
Cook them down with onions. I like peppers this way for Italian sausage sandwiches. You could make a big batch, portion and freeze them for when the sausage craving hits.
Good Luck and let us know what you do! Karen
MMH September 12, 2021
I know a group of old Italian men who have a ritual of roasting the peppers on a grill. They peel them & then sautee garlic in olive oil & add fresh basil. They drizzle the olive oil on the peppers. They use it in a variety of ways but a favorite is eating it on Italian toast. They simply freeze them in freezer zip locs.
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