Just received some pears from "Harry & David". How do you tell when they're ripe and ready to eat?

Seem to be very hard right now

  • Posted by: Chauncey
  • December 23, 2011


Debbie C. December 24, 2019
We received a box yesterday as a gift for Christmas and the bottom of a couple pears are black:(
Sadassa_Ulna December 24, 2011
Yes, you are lucky. We used to receive a box every winter and I can tell you they are delicious. Once they have ripened do put them in the fridge at that point - they can get overripe quickly too.
Merrill S. December 24, 2011
Lucky you! When they're ripe, they'll smell really fragrant, and when you press one gently with the pad of your finger, the flesh should give a little. Should only take a couple of days at room temp to ripen.
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