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Freezing rum cake?

I received a large bundt rum cake for Xmas — but am spending the holiday solo while my bf is traveling. Leaving me alone with this cake is a bad idea (in a good way) so I'd like to stop myself from nibbling and freeze it. Can I do this when the last 1/4" of the cake is very wet and soaked in a rum sauce? Should I store it any particular way, maybe upside down?

asked by Cookie16 about 5 years ago
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added about 5 years ago

Sure, I'd stick it in the freezer. Wrap it well with plastic wrap, and maybe an outer layer of foil. Probably easiest to first stick the piece in the freezer to become solid, for like a couple hours, and then wrap it. Also might be a good idea to store it in a plastic container to avoid getting smooshed.