I have to feed 18 people next week and was thinking of a whole king salmon. At first I was going to poach it, but it's so cold outside I thought...

... salt baking would be a great alternative. But, no one lists salmon as one of the possible fish and no one does one as big as I'm going to need. Do you think it'll work? How long do you think I should bake it for? Thanks

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1 Comment

sdebrango December 24, 2011
Yes you can bake salmon in a salt crust, it would be delicious. The recipes that I have seen called for a 5-6 pound fish. I don't know what recipe you are using but I would just double or triple the amount of salt depending on the size of the fish and I believe the general rule for a salt crust bake is about 8 min per pound for a whole fish. I have never had experience baking such a big fish but believe its totally doable. Maybe some on the site has had experience doing this and has some advice for you thats more specific.
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