A question about a recipe: Halloumi, Cranberry and Stuffing Bites

I have a question about the ingredient "sage and onion stuffing" on the recipe "Halloumi, Cranberry and Stuffing Bites" from VeggieQueen.

  • Posted by: rukan
  • December 27, 2011


VeggieQueen December 27, 2011
Sorry for being vague in the recipe but here in Ireland you can buy ready made packs of stuffing, I'm not sure about other countries! Usually a breadcrumb kind of stuffing for turkeys or whatever, and you just heat it in the oven or microwave. Good luck!
loubaby December 27, 2011
I am not sure of your question...I don't see it here...and this is not my recipe...but if you are asking what brand or where to find.....it is a Pepperidge Farm Stuffing mix---in a bag...and she says to follow the instructions on the packet---so make as directed on the back of the bag....you can buy this in any grocery store...and there are other brands out there--Arthur's etc....good luck..
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