California wine country dinner ideas

I'm making a weeknight, CA-wine-country-themed dinner for 6. I was wondering if anyone had menu ideas...especially anything that can be made ahead (as in the weekend before) or in the slow-cooker or pressure-cooker since I work full-time. Thanks!



MTMitchell January 6, 2012
YUM!! Definitely making that for our next gathering. I do like a theme....!
Ms. T. January 5, 2012
I may be too late for your party, but here's a great recipe for next time. Pork braised in red wine, pomegranate juice and soy sauce with ginger, garlic and star anise. It's heavenly and you can definitely make it ahead of time:
dymnyno December 30, 2011
Sounds fun. He's a cute wine maker from Sonoma....they are even cuter in napa!
MTMitchell December 30, 2011
That looks awesome. Think I'll make it for my husband and me on Sunday! I have a non-red meat eater coming Wednesday. Decided on all Joanne Weir recipes -- smoked trout and lemon crostini, goat cheese and herb stuffed chicken breasts, beet and watercress salad with walnuts and Gorgonzola, and roasted potatoes augmented by sweet little carrots that came in our CSA box. I plotted out do-ahead steps and thought dark chocolate and dried fruit for dessert. And full disclosure.... The party is themed as it is because five of my best girlfriends and I are gathering to watch The Bachelor and he is a vintner (supposedly...). I thought we should have a good meal to accompany the brain junk food...!
dymnyno December 29, 2011
One of my favorite California red wine standbys is California Short Ribs It can be made well ahead of time and even frozen. I pair it with Cabernet Sauvignon from the Napa Valley. (I also share other red wine recipes on my's my business!)
MTMitchell December 29, 2011
Excellent suggestion!!!! Thank you!!
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When I think "California Wine Country," I always think of Joanne Weir's cooking show on PBS. Only a few of her recipes appear on her website (, but a couple of them can clearly be made in advance.
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