How do I get my kale chips crispy?

  • Posted by: Zobird
  • December 30, 2011


The S. December 30, 2011
The key is high heat and a very small amount of oil. If you use too much oil they get soggy.
vvvanessa December 30, 2011
Be sure the leaves are as dry as you can get them after you wash them, and use as little oil as possible. I don't cut mine into small pieces first; I bake the large half-leaves and then break them into smaller pieces when they're done. I go for a lower temperature, more like 325-350 and let them cook a little longer, turning them frequently. I take them out when the don't appear to have any moisture on them anymore, and I also cool them in a single layer.
baconandotherbadhabits December 30, 2011
Spreading the chips out on the baking sheet will help a lot. Kale pieces that are stacked on top of one another will be more likely to crisp on the outer edges and stay soft if nestled too close to the other pieces. I also like a nice hot oven, usually about 400 degrees. Cheers!
SKK December 30, 2011
This is the recipe I use and it is no fail
Shalini December 30, 2011
in the My Father's Daughter Cookbook by Gwyneth Paltrow, her recipe has the oven at 400 degrees Farenheit, tosssed with olive oil and sea salt and baked for 12-15 minutes.
tweaks R. December 30, 2011
I discovered, when taking rice stuffed grape leaves from the oven, that the ones I placed over the rolls were a wonderful dry crispy leaf. I tasted one and loved the salty crisp texture. I then took the ones left in the jar, placed them on a cookie sheet and enjoyed a new treat. You might try this method to get the result you are looking for.

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