What Are Your Favorite Ipad Apps?

OK, I broke down and bought one and I'm picking it up tomorrow. So I want to know, what are your favorite apps? (Not necessarily food related...)

  • Posted by: drbabs
  • January 1, 2012


Mszig January 1, 2012
Words with friends to play..lose it to work on new years resolutions. ..open table when u don't want to cook
bigpan January 1, 2012
iPad in it's wisdom changes words that you type...eg, lust instead of list !
bigpan January 1, 2012
The thing you have to watch for is the intuitive iPad will put in words other than what you typed...eg, lust instead of list in my previous note.
bigpan January 1, 2012
ShopShop is a very useful grocery list that you transfer lusts to a smart phone. Living Earth is a good weather app.
Kjc January 1, 2012
Kjc January 1, 2012
Bittman ...How to Cook Anything

Recollect ...Beautiful Music

Words with Friends
Sara G. January 1, 2012
I use the Epicurious app all the time.
jmburns January 1, 2012
I use the groceries app all the time. Of course the Food52 app and Suduko
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