What was your favorite food related toy from childhood? What modern ones are good?

  • Posted by: Sam1148
  • February 25, 2012


Louisa February 27, 2012
My little electric oven with burners on top in our basement. Along with the utility sink, an old refrigerator and my little table and chairs I has a good thing going. My little sister was the waiter, and we did cakes, tiny hamburgers and frozen chocolate milk for the neighborhood friends.
creamtea February 27, 2012
What a fun and funny thread! I'm still laughing about Sam's imaginings re: boys making bearnaise.

Can't say I had any cooking-related toys; maybe some tiny cake tins but not sure. But we did make Sunday brunches for mother on her birthday or Mother's Day using the real oven.

Then again there was the time we almost set the house on fire in a non-food related stove incident. We'd learned to make "invisible ink" using either lemon juice or sugar water. You place the paper over the flame, at a distance, and the warmth makes the script appear. We put the paper too close to the flame and it caught fire--my mother was not home. Fortunately we got it put out in time.
Bevi February 27, 2012
A child's baking set with loaf and pie pans as well as an angel food cake pan, with rolling pin with red handles, muffin tin, wooden spoons and hand roto mixer
BoulderFoodie February 26, 2012
My Easy Bake Oven!
MTMitchell February 26, 2012
Me too!!! Except it got taken away when I started a smolder of sorts. My mon told me she wouldn't buy new mixes until a certain amount of time passed and that I shouldn't use up all the mixes at once. Well of course I did! I made a mini cake smorgasbord! My mom wouldn't back down on the no new mixes thing so I had to "use my imagination." so I pretended to make cakes using plastic doll dishes... Which melted and smoked a lot. And that was the end of the EZ Bake Oven until 2002 when one of my besties got me one for Christmas. Loves it. Do they still make EZ Bake Ovens and how will they work when the old lightbulbs get phased out?!
Sam1148 February 26, 2012
I did a shallow Google search on the 'light bulb' question. Apparently, they've designed the new oven to not use the bulbs. Plus..IMHO, I think the new design with the pink/purple colors really look bad. The classic one posted above looked far cooler. http://abcnews.go.com/blogs/business/2011/09/easy-bake-oven-loses-light-bulb-gets-20-makeover/
rkleine07 February 26, 2012
I LOVED my easy-bake oven. (and still do!) As an adult I purchased David Hoffman's Easy-Bake Oven Gourmet - a history of the toy, as well as a collection of recipes written by prominent chefs tailored to the easy-bakes specifications. Its so much fun to make these "grown-up" dishes with my niece in her own little oven
Chef L. February 26, 2012
We got lifesaver "books". Long-lasting!
SKK February 26, 2012
Chef Lisa - I bought my daughter cook-books from the time she could look at pictures and read. She is an excellent cook and when I was helping her move last week saw that she kept all those books! Thanks for reminding us about the importance of books.
Greenstuff February 26, 2012
Pretend stoves and other appliances made out of orange crates were really popular (and wonderful!) when I was small.
Panfusine February 26, 2012
here's a pic of those miniature toys I was referring to.. Its hard to even believe that women used to churn out such fabulous food using these!
pierino February 26, 2012
The closest thing I had to a food related toy was a series of Pez dispensers. My mother got me involved in real cooking when I was between the ages of 6 and 7...right around the time I quit smoking.

For contemporary adult children the new EZ Bake oven would have to be the Babycakes series of appliances which are really cheap and incredibly popular. I have no intention of owning one.
Sam1148 February 26, 2012
Oh, I'm reminded of this one from one of my favorite websites. BoingBoing.

A candy sushi kit for kids. http://boingboing.net/2011/03/21/candy-sushi-kit.htmlit incorporates 'modernist' stuff. (making gells/chemistry) with presentation to make 'sushi' like candy. Never had it or tried it...the link shows sources and english instructions.

I just reviewed the video. It even incorporates "Modernist" specification to make little spheres of candy 'fish eggs'.

Another link for the cheap kit. http://whiterabbitexpress.com/popin-cookin/
That really looks like fun. Even to me as adult.
susan G. February 25, 2012
There was a 'toy' oven in our dark and dingy basement, for my younger sister and me. I don't think we cooked anything after the first run, but my sister got into making candles. Mostly she would melt wax and pour it into cold water and it would make cool shapes like a frozen waterfall upside down. We moved out of that house when she was in 5th grade, and the oven didn't move with us. I think it was on/off, no heat control, electric, and I don't remember any supervision. She moved on to copper enameling, and I was too busy reading to get involved in cooking. So much for teaching with toys. I think the mothers who let their children cook with the real thing did it right -- my 3 sons are all good cooks now, all very involved from a young age.
We did have a Mr. Frosty as kids -- I haven't thought about that in years! Thanks, Sam.
Panfusine February 25, 2012
I still have these antique bell metal miniature of kitchen tools from over 70+ yrs ago, handed down from my grandmother..
Sam1148 February 25, 2012
My Dad wouldn't let me have a EZ-Bake oven because he thought it would turn me gay. So, I got GI Joes and BB guns. Now, I still cook and my partner is a Former Marine. It's all good tho.
sexyLAMBCHOPx February 25, 2012
LOL! Go out now and treat yourself to an EZ-Bake oven! Post pics of your tasty treats!

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Sam1148 February 25, 2012
Ahh..no. The EZ bake was kinda cool. But I think the new ones require the 100W lightblubs.

And to expand on cooking and guys cooking. With the Competition cooking shows on today, I fully expect the other swing in culture---where a Dad is encouraging their sons to cook and getting really over possessive about it;
Brain H. February 25, 2012
What a difference a generation makes. Now I insist that my boys learn to cook. I read Nigel Slater's "Toast" aloud to them at 11 and 14 (ok so I edited out the part where he was a bit promiscuous). And I am so not worried about influencing their sexual orientation. Whatever they are/become is fine with me!
AntoniaJames February 25, 2012
I never had any cooking toys, but my mother let me use any and every tool in her kitchen from a very early age. (I'm not sure when she got her first hand mixer, but I doubt I used that before I was about 10 or 11.) We were encouraged to bake/cook anything we wanted, whenever and as often as we chose to, as long as we cleaned up afterwards. I started baking a lot when I was about 8 or 9, and didn't stop, as in I baked something really tasty about five times a week, until I went away to college. And I still always feel responsible for all dishes, utensil, pots and pans used in anything I cook. I feel quite lucky. ;o)
sexyLAMBCHOPx February 25, 2012
snoopy ice cone maker.
Sam1148 February 25, 2012
I broke out my Mr Frosty and used Amanda's simple syrup with steeped ginger. Basically, a cup of water a 1/2 cup of sliced ginger, 1/2 cup of sugar boiled and simmered. Drained put in a squeeze bottle to use for tea/soda...and SNOW CONE!
sexyLAMBCHOPx February 25, 2012
An electric kid-friendly cupcake maker comes to mind for a "modern food toy." My friend bought it off an infommercial for her 8 yo for x-mas but think you can find itr bed, bath & beyond. I think its cool that they hae personalized aprons, chef hats and uniform for kids, and kid-sized cooking utensils.
sexyLAMBCHOPx February 25, 2012
Holy crap! That's your Mr. Frosty from childhood? If so, awesome. What a fun, creative way to make use of that gem! Great for parties : )
Sam1148 February 25, 2012
No, My original was tossed ages ago. I got a ebay one quite awhile ago. That's not my pic either. (g).
But it still works. Hummm..I might think of some other uses for it..maybe when basil is fresh a ice cube with basil/lemon/ginger ground into 'snow' for a sorbet? Mr. Frosty, I"m Looking at you Now for Springtime.
Brain H. February 25, 2012
I loved my play kitchen, which had a cooktop, oven, refrigerator, dishwasher and plastic food. It was a sad day when my two older brothers, pretending to be terrorists, attacked it with BB guns. I can still see the pock marks in the tin, the shattered plastic oven window. I cried for days.
SKK February 25, 2012
JHF, those terrorists go after kitchen toys in a big way! Did you ever forgive them?
Brain H. February 25, 2012
That's complicated. Yes and no.
SKK February 25, 2012
Truthfully spoken.
amysarah February 25, 2012
Mr. Potato Head.

PistachioDoughnut February 25, 2012
Has to be my kitchen set , included utensils and gas stove with a red cylinder .
Sam1148 February 25, 2012
Mr Frosty.
SKK February 25, 2012
When I was a child, I had a Betty Crocker electric stove/oven that came with its own little cake mixes. Not much of a cake eater since then. So when I had my daughter we didn't do toys we did real cooking and today she is a pastry chef. That being said, do the Pez candy things count? I loved, loved them.
sexyLAMBCHOPx February 25, 2012
I'm a sucker for the new type of pez-like toys. Ya know the animals that you lift the tail, etc. and chocolate jelly beans come out of their butt!

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