Will we see it again? Any hints as to what's to come if and when it comes back?

  • Posted by: ATG117
  • January 4, 2012


ATG117 January 5, 2012
I thought News was great because it provided another reason to come to the site and stay for a while. I read the new articles almost every day and often visit the hotline, but that usually doesn't take too long, especially if I'm not actively searching for recipes. When I wanted more content, I liked reading the news. For the most part, I thought it was really well curated. Interesting reads, though I didn't particularly care for booze news (even if booze are great). Frankly, I used to visit eater for this purpose, but stopped caring for it when they began overdoing the content. The News feature here filled that whole.

As for what I personally would like to see: more interesting articles from across the web. Restaurant reviews from trusted sources would be great too-- something more approachable than the NYT but more authoritative than yelp and such, though that's not really news.
linzarella January 5, 2012
I liked the idea of having a news section, but I found much of the content a little too sensationalized. I value the perspective of the Food52 community, and would love to see a "News Analysis" section - one that perhaps updated content less frequently than the old news section, but when it did, it would be more along the lines of Amanda's piece on Google's recipe search feature.

And hey Food52 - if you do decide to do this, sign me up as a writer!
drbabs January 5, 2012
I miss the news, too. It was so great to have all that information in one place. I read it before the Times in the morning. I actually preferred the original format (before you upgraded the website) where there were 4 or 5 categories and a few entries from each. My guess is that this is a bit labor-intensive, though. Maybe a call for volunteers to scout out cool news items?
creamtea January 5, 2012
I also miss e y w. Love a good laugh.
Niknud January 5, 2012
So miss the news! So miss eat your words! WOuld love to see both make a re-appearance. I know this site focuses primarily on recipes, but those elements rounded it out for me and made me come to the site for more than just dinner ideas.
skittle January 5, 2012
I know I didn't ask the question...but I'm going to pop in with an answer! I just loved reading the news! I thought the layout was could decide what you were interested in and pick based on that. I really miss it.

When it first disappeared, I kept clicking on all the tabs up top because I thought it was just renamed!
I really hope it comes back soon as it was such a highlight of my day.
Amanda H. January 4, 2012
What would you like it to be? Would love your thoughts.
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