Do I need to rinse the chicken before roasting? And do I season the pan with oil or anything?

I have a question about step 4 on the recipe "Roast Chicken with Mustard and Grapes" from lastnightsdinner. It says:

"Arrange the chicken in a cast iron skillet or other ovenproof pan. Place in the oven and roast for approximately 25-30 minutes or until the chicken reaches an internal temperature of 165 (remembering that the chicken will continue to cook as it rests)."



lastnightsdinner January 8, 2012
Amanda beat me to it :) No need to rinse or add any oil to the pan. Enjoy!
Amanda H. January 8, 2012
No need to rinse the chicken or use oil in the pan (the chicken should release enough fat on its own -- but if you would feel more comfortable, you can rub a thin coating of oil in the pan).
foodynewty January 8, 2012
Thank you! I trusted your recipe as it was and roasted it without rinsing. I did add just a bit of oil though. Excited to try this dish very soon.
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