A question about a recipe: Slow Roasted Tomato Soup

I have a question about the ingredient "reserved tomato juice (see directions)" on the recipe "Slow Roasted Tomato Soup" from Jennifer Perillo. She says to save it for preparing the soup, but never mentions it again. Do you add it to the blender along with the tomatoes and the veg. stock?

Slow Roasted Tomato Soup
Recipe question for: Slow Roasted Tomato Soup


bugbitten January 9, 2012
I liked this recipe, but I would worry that it's not enough soup for four people. Not at my house, and not if it's as good as it sounds.
Amanda H. January 9, 2012
That's what I would do -- add the reserved tomato juice along with the vegetable stock. The recipe only calls for 1 cup veg stock so you'll need the tomato juice to give it enough volume.
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