Is there a substitute for Sherry vinegar? Red wine vinegar perhaps?

Cheri Cheri
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pierino January 12, 2012
If it's a salad dressing, sure red wine vinegar. Balsamic? Well, I have to add that it's one of the most misused ingredients in the American pantry because most of it is crap. I'm a real believer in good Spanish sherry vinegars. And they are not terribly expensive.
bugbitten January 12, 2012
I'm getting more and more philosophical about food, so I'll ask you, Cheri Cheri, what is it that you want to make sour? Sour is good; sour is what vinegar does. Get in command of your cooking and don't substitute, choose!

Of course, Merrill, above, nearly a mom, has the perfect answer: red wine vinegar.
SueP January 12, 2012
Balsamic vinegar can also be substituted
Merrill S. January 11, 2012
Red wine vinegar is probably the best substitute, yes.
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