how much ginger?

I have a question about step 4 on the recipe "Chopped Broccoli Salad {with Tahini Soy Dressing}" from Marla. It says:

"In a small bowl whisk together tahini, soy sauce, mustard seed, garlic powder, black pepper and ginger.


  • Posted by: jltier
  • January 12, 2012


SKK January 12, 2012
First of all, thanks for turning me onto this recipe from Marla. Really looks wonderful and I am going to try it.
If I wisk the dressing I will use a pinch of powdered ginger as her recipe calls for a pinch of pepper, garlic powder, etc.

If I use my food processor to make the dressing, I will use maybe glove of garlic and small shallot and 1/2 inch of grated fresh ginger and increase the wet ingredients to have some dressing to store in the refrigerator.

Love to hear Marla's point of view on this, also.
SKK January 12, 2012
Be happy to answer and your question didn't show up. Could you resend it?
jltier January 12, 2012
ginger isn't listed in ingredients and wonder how much you suggest?
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