This is actually a website question.

I'm not sure where I can pose the question, so thought I'd ask it here. I've noticed some people's blogs have a FOOD52 badge and would love to put one on my blog too. Where can I get the code for the badge? When I went to the article on this from 1 year ago, the information is now missing. Thanks!



susan G. January 14, 2012
TheWimpyVegetarian January 14, 2012
Tried that. No response yet. So I thought the community at large might know since a bunch of members have the badge.
TheWimpyVegetarian January 14, 2012
Both. Usually there's a badge with text provide by the site that you copy and paste into a text widget on your blog. Any help would be great appreciated!
boulangere January 14, 2012
Thanks, CS. I've been thinking of asking the same question. Is it a badge? Is it a widget to link to f52?
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