Are (dry) grits the same as coarse cornmeal? I have not seen grits in the grocery store.

Creamy Goat Cheese Grits
Recipe question for: Creamy Goat Cheese Grits


Louisa January 16, 2012
...also Weisenberger Mil in Midway, KY has stone ground grits, yellow or white for sale online.
pierino January 16, 2012
...or you can order real grits from Old School Mill in North Carolina. This is the real stuff. Unless you live in the deep south you are not going to see grits on your supermarket shelves. Go to
Helen's A. January 16, 2012
You may need to look for them with the hot cereal in the grocery store. I love grits and make them frequently.
Merrill S. January 16, 2012
Yellow grits are essentially the same as coarse cornmeal, while white grits are corn (or hominy) ground without the husks. You can definitely use coarse cornmeal for this recipe -- it will be delicious! But make sure you cook it long enough, as it may take a while longer to get tender (just add more liquid as you go if it starts to get too thick).
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