Hi it's barbara and i would like to know what rye is ! I think its a spice but i am not sure!and what is rye good for?
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jmburns January 16, 2012
Rye bread... ? You honestly never heard of it!!!!
Cristina S. January 16, 2012
According to google.. Rye is "a wheatlike cereal plant (Secale cereale) that tolerates poor soils and low temperatures. Grains of this, used mainly for making bread or whiskey and for fodder."

I see it mostly commonly as an American or Canadian whiskey made with rye grain though. We use it often to make Manhattans!
LornaFarris January 16, 2012
Am I missing something? Rye is a grain or grass that is related to wheat and barley. Although it does not contain as much gluten as wheat it is still unsafe for gluten-free people. It is used in baking and in making rye whiskey as well as in kvass...
rye P. January 16, 2012
of course its a spice from ancient africa! this spice is being used in place of pepper. you can make delicious rye spread out of it. look up the recipe "potato leek soup", lightly seasoned with rye. its so yummy!!!
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