What wine do I pair with smoked almond stuffed dates wrapped in bacon?

Looking for a wine pairing for a dinner party, this is the opening appetizer, and my assignment from the hostess is to find a wine to pair with it. I've had recommendations for a crozes hermitage 100% syrah or sherry . . .thoughts?

  • Posted by: LauraBB
  • January 20, 2012


ChefJune January 20, 2012
What's coming after the appys? and what wine will be served then?

Fino Sherry is what I thought when I read your thread title. And it makes a good aperitif, as well. A good one is pretty inexpensive, in addition.
Greenstuff January 20, 2012
Sherry was was leaped into my mind. It would help if you knew the rest of the menu. I certainly wouldn't go with a red Rhone like the Crozes Hermitage if your next course is going to be oysters and Muscadet.
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