What to do with a ham bone?

I have a ham bone left over from winter festivities and was wondering if anyone has ideas for a great way to use it. I'm not a huge fan of pea soup, so alternatives are particularly welcome. It's the remnants of a salt-cured Virginia ham, so it packs a lot of salty flavor. Thanks!



babycakes16 January 26, 2012
Put it in any soup you want! I like to put mine in a a spring chicken soup. It is delicious and easy.
Sam1148 January 25, 2012
Black bean soup! I flavor the beans with the normal black bean soup spices. (simmer it all with the ham bone).
But to serve I don't mush them all up to paste. I make a seasoned chicken broth in another pot. To serve I put in a mound of rice, the black beans and pour the hot brother over them. Garnishing with matchstick cut ham. Each component stands out that way.
pierino January 25, 2012
Yeah, send it to me. But beans or greens would be the way to go. And save that pot likker.
passifloraedulis January 25, 2012
We love to make Cantonese-style congee with leftover ham bones. Boil with a lot of water and rice. Serve congee with lean ground pork + thousand year old egg or fish filets or shrimp or squid, scallions, peanuts, Chinese fried dough, white pepper and salt to taste.
Mlc1977 January 25, 2012
Here is my mom and great grandmother split pea recipe, its so simple and good. http://cookbetterthan.wordpress.com/2011/12/22/moms-split-pea-soup/
sexyLAMBCHOPx January 25, 2012
You could add it to stock like the suggestions above or make collard greens, kale, swiss chard or the above suggestions to have a meaty undertone. Strain what's left you have broth. Freeze the ham bone for next stock.
SKK January 25, 2012
Or you could use it to make a stock. And here is a recipe for a bean soup http://www.food52.com/recipes/11826_pasta_fagiolihearty_bean_soup
ChefJune January 25, 2012
You could use it for any type of bean or lentil soup. It's going to enhance whatever you do. Or you could cook it with the beans or lentils and make a salad.
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