How long should risotto take to cook being that you keep adding the liquid in increments?



ChefJune January 26, 2012
Actually, risotto, when it's really "al onde" needs to be served in a bowl. Or the waves can surf right off the plate into one's lap!

About 20 minutes from when you add the wine (first liquid in) is how long I've found it takes. Caveat: if your rice is a little "older," it may take a little longer to get to the al dente stage. You have to taste as you go.
pierino January 26, 2012
25 minutes is the standard but you must taste for doneness---al dente. And also it needs to be "al onda" or on the wave, that is that it should slide around on your plate and not just be a big glop of rice.
bigpan January 26, 2012
About 20 to 25 minutes. The stock you keep adding should be at a simmering temperature. I add the other "ingredients" at the 80% done level (veg, meat). Add the cheese last with a knob of butter. Serve when done , although it holds well. Next day leftovers reheat well in a double boiler or make into patties and fry. It' s worth it to make extra. (if using mushrooms, I sautéed first then add along with the mushroom juices.)
Borden F. January 26, 2012
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