How do I make chicken Alfredo

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pierino January 26, 2012
God, I get tired of hearing about "Alfredo" this or that. I think even Olive Garden is taking it off the menu. For the record it had its heyday in Rome back in the 1940s but today only tourists order it.
And now, could we also get rid of Larry the Cable Guy?
nutcakes January 26, 2012
I've got a better idea for you. Why no make real Fettuccini Alfredo
and serve it with a chicken paillard on the side? The sounds so good! (This recipe has the basic simple chicken method, just ignore the relish)

You can cut the leftovers of chicken up, mix in and use it for lunch the next day.
nutcakes January 26, 2012
Are you looking for a shopping list so you can get home and google that? Use a recipe database and you'll find a bunch (there isn't one on Food52 yet) like this:

It's hard to find a decent recipe for this, since the dish is meant to be noodles in sauce only, and chicken is something restaurants added on. You won't find an Italian chef with this type of recipe. See if you get a better answer.
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