Any ideas for pasta dishes for a group of 75? I am making ziti and an alfredo.

I am throwing my sister a 50th birthday party. I would like to make a few different pasta dishes. Currently going to make ziti and a chicken alfredo. Any other ideas? Trying to stay away from another red sauce dish.

ann m degrote


BerryBaby July 27, 2017
Sounds wonderful! Hope you have lots of helpers, this is quite an endeavor.
Cold pasta salad with slices of Italian sausage, add veggies maybe zucchini, peas, olives, cherry tomatoes,shaved cheese wih Italian dressing?
MMH July 27, 2017
This time of year my favorite is multicolored halved cherry tomatoes, mozzarella pearls with any pasta shape drizzled with a basil garlic balsamic vinegrette served at room temperature and garnished with basil leaves.
italiangirl13 July 27, 2017
I would do a chix, ziti and broc.. with olive oil.. always a hit, and easy to prepare for large parties... I tend to stay away from dishes with heavy cream.. so many diet restrictions these days
PieceOfLayerCake July 27, 2017
Maybe a cold pasta? I like the idea of pesto....perhaps pesto with a bunch of lovely summer vegetables (grilled or steamed).

I love vegetarian lasagnas that use besciamella instead of red sauce and ricotta. You can pretty much use any vegetable, but I like eggplant, mushrooms and pesto. There are a thousand variations out there with whatever vegetables you like.
Nancy July 27, 2017
Pesto bar or assorted pestos on pasta. See Saveur mag feature a few years ago...15 to 20 varieties from Italy, Germany, Mexico, France.
Nancy July 27, 2017
Here's the link
If it doesn't work for you, just search by the magazine name and pesto...they have lots of articles and (similar) recipes. Pesto with pistachio, trapanese, pepita, arugula, sorrel, mint, walnut etc.
PHIL July 27, 2017
Hi Ann, I agree, don't need too many red sauces. Here are my choices. spaghetti cacio & pepe , rigatoni broccoli rabe & sausage ( you can use broccoli instead if you want , or leave out sausage) , Rotini with fresh pesto, Cavatappi or penne vodka sauce (kinda red) holds up well but you serve extra sauce on the side as it tends to dry up a bit. lastly a pasta salad, tricolor Farfalle with cubed mozzarella , red onion, fresh grape tomatoes and herbs , oil . Let me know if you need more details.
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