Suggestions for Strawberry Shortcake base?

I can't believe the local corner lot has berries already! I forgot to buy cream for cream biscuits and want to see if I can avoid a trip to the store. I have milk (no buttermilk) and eggs. I don't want to crack tons of eggs for angel food cake and have leftover yolks. Anyone have an idea?



avimom January 27, 2012
I second the Bisquick box! You could also do a sweet cornbread, if you have cornmeal.
ChefJune January 27, 2012
In my world, it isn't Strawberry Shortcake if the base is anything but a tender biscuit. We always make them a little larger for shortcakes. ;)
MarcusV January 27, 2012
Scones are basically biscuits with sugar in them. Julia Child's buttermilk scones are what my wife makes as a base for strawberries. If you have regular milk, add a tablespoon of lemon juice per cup of milk as a substitute.
boulangere January 26, 2012
I like to use a tender scone as a shortcake base. Take a look at this:
You can use milk, and perhaps thicken it up with a bit of sour cream or yogurt. If you add either of the latter, add a half teaspoon of baking soda.
mainecook61 January 26, 2012
Make a plain sponge cake with a bit of grated orange or lemon rind.
McKelly January 26, 2012
I still like the recipe on the Bisquick box!!!!!!
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