What are your favorite ways to use duck confit? I made the Melissa Clark Genius recipe this morning, and am thrilled with the results. ;o)

I need some ideas now for how to use the four legs (not the fat or the skin). Thanks so much, everyone. ;o)



jenmmcd January 31, 2012
Tacos with pickled red onions and cilantro.
nutcakes January 31, 2012
I don't have a favorite way, since I've never made it, but I just stumbled across these barbeque lentils to serve with duck confit on page 119, last recipe listed in this Magnolia Grille cookbook link (given for the red pepper jelly question):
Helen's A. January 31, 2012
Cassoulet....which reminds me that I need to make some soon!
AntoniaJames January 31, 2012
These are all such great ideas. Thank you, everyone! ;o)
Brain H. January 31, 2012
Make a simple salad of shredded duck confit, arugula, fresh figs (or dried ones poached in port) and toss with a balsamic vinaigrette. I served this on Christmas Eve next to a roast goose, and have been craving it ever since.
Mr_Vittles January 31, 2012
Let me just say this right now, GRILLED CHEESE. Artisan Bread, Shredded Gruyere Cheese, Shredded Meat from the Duck Confit, More Gruyere Cheese, Artisan Bread. Instead of Butter or Mayonnaise, use some of the Excess Duck Fat on the outside of the bread to make it extra Ducky. Optional, Homemade Sauerkraut after the Duck Meat, to add a bit of sour twang to the mix. This is extravagant. This is ridiculous. This is delicious.
bigpan January 29, 2012
I like to shred, add some fine chopped onion, seasoning, a splash of cognac - call it a rillette and serve as either a terrine or with toast points. You can put it in a blender to make a piping paste also.

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amysarah January 29, 2012
Duck confit is great shredded a bit, in (or on top of) a green salad with a tart vinaigrette, a few slices of pear or apple, some toasted walnuts or hazelnuts, maybe some dried cherries. Making the vinaigrette with cider vinegar might be nice. Or, if you want to really go to work, using it in a cassoulet is classic and great cold weather food.
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