I am substituting crab with shitake mushrooms. The recipe calls for mint...will that combination taste bad?

Recipe: linguine with crab, lemon, (fresno) chile, and mint



Maedl February 2, 2012
I am not sure from your question whether you are using crab or shitake in your recipe. Crab combined with mint doesn''t do much for me, but in Italy, mint is used with chantarelles, so I might be tempted to give it a try with shitake.
softpunk January 30, 2012
I would sub mint with chives and sub red wine vinegar or balsamic for the lemon. There is nothing crab-like about shitake mushrooms and you really need earthier flavours than mint and lemon.
bigpan January 29, 2012
I would pull out the mint - and - lemon, and sub in lime.
Greenstuff January 29, 2012
Crab and shitake mushrooms have very different flavor profiles, and I agree that mint sounds off here. I might just go with chives or something else in the onion family.
kaupilimakoa January 29, 2012
I would substitute. Maybe basil.
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