I'd like to make this tonight....thoughts on if I can use half-and-half or even whole milk (or evaporated milk...? That seems gross but if people...

...have experience with it working I'll try it!) in place of the heavy cream? Just want to know if I can lighten it up a little bit. I know it won't be the same as if I used heavy cream -- that's OK.

Well-Rooted Gratin
Recipe question for: Well-Rooted Gratin


MTMitchell February 1, 2012
Thanks!! I used whole milk and it was DELICIOUS. I bet it would be crazy good with heavy cream. Maybe for a week when I've done more exercising...!
boulangere February 1, 2012
When I wrote the recipe, in all honesty, it was in part because I had a surplus of heavy cream I had to use up. It's wonderful to know that whole milk was equally good. Thanks for posting the idea.
calendargirl January 31, 2012
I often substitute half and half for some or all of the heavy cream called for in gratin recipes (and decrease the quantity as boulangere recommends). While you do lose some richness, it is an effective way to lighten a gratin. Experiment by substituting for only half of the cream to start .
boulangere January 31, 2012
You can certainly use whole milk in place of the cream, and it looks like you understand that it's not going to have the same richness. Since milk is thinner, I'd suggest using less, say 1 to 1 1/4 cups all together.
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