A question about a recipe: Fresh Sriracha (aka, home made 'Rooster')

I have a question about the ingredient "palm sugar" on the recipe "Fresh Sriracha (aka, home made 'Rooster')" from edamame2003. I have everything BUT palm sugar - white, light brown, dark brown, coconut, turbinado, maple and demerara (spelling?) which would you think is the best substitute?



edamame2003 February 3, 2012
Hi there! Palm sugar is basically coconut sugar...so go with that; or brown sugar works too! thanks for trying the sriracha!
aargersi February 3, 2012
Ah! Thanks for the info! Recipe just says palm so I think I will use what I have!
Andrea N. February 3, 2012
If the coconut sugar you have is "coconut palm sugar" then that's palm sugar. It's not as sweet and lacks the finesse of regular (more moist) palm sugar. Add it to taste. Or try a 1:1 ratio of coconut palm:light brown sugar. I usually use light palm sugar for my homemade Sriracha; that can be subbed by light palm sugar. Does edamame2003 specify which kind of palm sugar? There are 2 basic kinds -- light and dark palm sugar.

For reference, see my recipe: http://www.vietworldkitchen.com/blog/2009/07/homemade-thai-style-sriracha-chile-sauce-recipe-tuong-ot-sriracha.html
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