I am not familiar with palm sugar-is this like turbinado?and if I can,t find what is a great substitute?Thanks



latoscana May 15, 2011
I found it at a Thai grocery in a small jar (1 lb or about a pint-sized jar). For this recipe you only need a small amount but it's like regular sugar in that it doesn't go bad. I also found it in a big Asian supermarket but it was in a huge container (probably a half-gallon sized), so I passed on that. Palm sugar has a unique flavor that is less sweet and not cloying compared to regular sugar. BTW, this recipe is sensational!
edamame2003 May 15, 2011
palm sugar is coconut sugar--may be tough to find. you can order online: http://www.ultimatesuperfoods.com/ItemDetail.aspx?comcode=FD&plinid=PALMSU&item=PASUO16O&type=pl&plnmain=PALM%20SUGAR
you can use regular cane sugar 1:1...
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