Has anyone made arugula and smoked salmon soup?

I have come across a few recipes online and am determined to make some for brunch this weekend. This morning the hot smoked salmon arrived from Zabar's, so I'm committed (or should be committed). I'd appreciate any thoughts...



bugbitten January 18, 2017
Yes, I'll get back when there's more info, or an applause meter reading from our guests.
Nancy January 18, 2017
Make your 1st batch very small...as in, espresso-cup size per person. Then, if you like it, all is fine and make more.
Or, if not, you still have your precious mail-order salmon still intact.
Either eat in sandwiches or tweak the soup recipe to your tastes.
bugbitten January 18, 2017
Nancy, I thank you for your wise advice. However, my current method is to recklessly wing it but taste as I go and try to land on my feet. I'm intrigued by the flavor factors: the bitter and semisweet from the greens thickened by cream? potato? rice? or even tomato?
The hot-smoked salmon (or Kiln smoked in Scotland) is a saltwater and umami bomb that can only work as a garnish. Figure leeks in there. You see where I'm going. Which broth?
Nancy January 18, 2017
Ok, now I'm jonesing on the flavor combinations. Saw one version on huff po that combines bouillon, some white wine & heavy cream. Sounds lovely. Theirs uses cauliflower as a bulky starchy veh, but potato would work as well. Saw other recipes with tomatoes that also sound lively, where tomato sweetness plays off arugula bitter.
But I would avoid combining tomato and potato in one recipe, for fear strengths of each flavor would be lost.
Please let us know which you make and how it turns out.
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