How do you make Hardy Boys smoked salmon?

I know it has something to do with salt, maple syrup and hot smoking... but what else/what ratio?

I have a salmon thawing from the freezer and really want to make either Hardy Boys or Candied Smoked Salmon. I Know I'm not in Port Hardy, but I'm on the same island, so I guess I could call it Hardy-ish smoked salmon.

Anyone got a recipe before this thing thaws out?



trampledbygeese February 23, 2013
Thank you inpatskitchen, that's much closer to folk lore I've heard.
inpatskitchen February 23, 2013
Here's one that might be close...maple syrup in the brine and a honey baste..
trampledbygeese February 23, 2013
Thanks Diana B. It looks like a good recipe, but where is the maple syrup? All the fishermen I know from Port Hardy (where Hardy Boys smoked salmon comes from) say they use maple syrup as the main curing ingredient. Some also mention a mixture that they brush on the salmon as it's smoking.

It's a shame they are so secretive about the actual recipe.
Diana B. February 23, 2013
Is this close?
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