A question about a recipe: Kimchi Fried Brown Rice

Is it better to use just cooked and cooled rice or leftover rice, when it comes to using brown rice? I know it's better to use it for leftover white rice, but will brown rice get too hard?

Kimchi Fried Rice
Recipe question for: Kimchi Fried Rice


healthierkitchen February 5, 2012
Just used some refrigerated brown rice today and it was fine. It softens up in the pan as it heats up.
kaupilimakoa February 5, 2012
fried rice--never make with fresh/hot rice or it will be gummy. You can cool to room temp and then use it.
happycao February 5, 2012
Thanks! I'll probably try both ways
susan G. February 4, 2012
If you've found that the brown rice gets hard when cooled for later use, you may need to add just a little more water when you cook it initially, but not much! If it seems hard when you use it, toss it in a small amount of water, and possibly cover it to steam a bit before serving, to redistribute moisture. Try using vegetables that give up water, such as greens or summer squash. Just keep an eye on it and adjust as needed.
healthierkitchen February 4, 2012
I use cooked and refrigerated rice, even for brown. I have also made it with cooked and cooled down rice when I don't have any leftovers or haven't planned ahead. They both work fine. Hope you like it!
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