A question about a recipe: Chili For Grownups. This calls for 5-7 hours in slow cooker. I don't have one. Can I cook on stove? How long?

I have a question about the recipe "Chili For Grownups" from Alexander Scribbs.

Kevin Schroth
Chili For Grownups
Recipe question for: Chili For Grownups


nutcakes February 4, 2012
I agree to bring it to temp in on the stove, but to cook it in to oven to prevent scorching.
sexyLAMBCHOPx February 4, 2012
Yes, but be sure to brown (not fully cook) the beef cubes before putting in your dutch oven. I would bring everything to a boil and lower the heat so it simmers for about 2 hours with the lid on.
Mr_Vittles February 4, 2012
A stove will work fine, but since the heat is unidirection (i.e. from the bottom only) the use of a heavy pot will be preferable. A dutch oven will work the best. If you have an oven it will work much better, set at 250 degrees Farehheit, it will have the same length of time. On the stove, you will probably take the same amount of time if its set to low. Also, if you decide to use the stove, check the moisture level every couple of hours, because it will dry out faster, just add a little water if it looks dried out. Finally, do not forget to stir occasionally, if you use the stove, as the bottom may burn from the aforemention unidirectional heat..
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