I have a beautiful jar of duck fat leftover from a duck I made over the weekend. How long will it last in the fridge? Can I freeze it to prolong the shelf life? I fear I won't be able to button my pants if I have to use it all in the short-term.

  • Posted by: melissav
  • November 15, 2010


melissav November 15, 2010
Thanks all. I am going to freeze until LND shares her husband's recipe for duck confit. Do tell!!
lastnightsdinner November 15, 2010
@aargersi Amen, nothing like the combination of duck fat and potatoes! I also make a duck gumbo, probably my favorite type of gumbo. Contest theme, perhaps? :D
aargersi November 15, 2010
Oh yes I keep some in the freezer - it makes a great roux for gumbo! In fact I need to make / post all day duck gumbo. Also - world's best fried potatoes. Or gnocchi. Duck fat makes the world a better place (except maybe for the ducks!)
lastnightsdinner November 15, 2010
You can definitely freeze it. We've always got duck fat around (my husband makes fantastic confit), and it keeps pretty well in our fridge in a tightly sealed glass container for months.
hardlikearmour November 15, 2010
If you're planning on keeping it for a while, it would be a good idea to freeze it in portions (like ice cubes). It can/will eventually mold in the fridge, and if there is any water left in the shelf life will decrease. Water free it should last months in the fridge, and indefinitely in the freezer. Make sure to store in a tightly sealed container so it doesn't pick up any off flavors.
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