Ideas for using unflavored pop rocks in a savory dish?

I need to make a savory dish that uses unflavored pop rocks (which are still sweet, just unflavored) in some way. I was thinking it should be a dish with some heat, where the fire-crackery nature of the pop rocks wouldn't be out of place. My only thoughts so far are to mix them into the rice krispie/7 spice topping from the momofuku cookbook and use them to top off a braised and grilled skewer of pork belly, but I'd love any and all suggestions!



Mr_Vittles February 10, 2012
Just thinking about it, Pop Rocks should make any Thai dish more awesome. Playing off the limey, saltiness should be interesting.
arielleclementine February 10, 2012
thanks mrslarkin!! that's a cool site- i like the idea for making the sparkling salt! i think that works with the pork belly too!
mrslarkin February 10, 2012
Fun!!! Here are some search results from Ideas In Food.

I'm really digging the savory pop rocks idea!! Or spicy pop rocks stuffed inside a chocolate truffle.....

We used to scatter them on the floor in grammar school and the nuns would step all over them. Good times.
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