Braised Pork Belly. Any ideas on what to do with the leftover braising liquid?

So much liquid and fat renders off from the belly, it seems a shame to toss it all when done. Are there any uses for it?



mrslarkin March 28, 2012
I love all these ideas. Thanks, everyone!
Darlene C. March 28, 2012
I just used up some leftover pork stock to make ramen. It made for a quick weeknight dinner. If you have any leftover pork belly, I bet it would be amazing in the ramen!
ChefJune March 27, 2012
I use the liquid from my Provencal Chicken in the Pot to make a bean soup, and I think your pork belly liquid would be great for that, too. I chill mine overnight and then scrape/scoop most of the fat off for other uses, and proceed with the partially defatted liquid.
chairmanhu March 27, 2012
Save the fat! It has tons of flavor. When cooled, it's great for savory pie crusts in lieu of butter/shortening. When making a noodle soup like ramen, I'll also drop a small spoonful on top with chopped scallions. And the congealed stock works great as a meaty glace for sauteing vegetables with garlic and sherry.
tia.ukpe March 27, 2012
Because there is a lot of fat in the braising liquid, when it cools, it is almost like a concentrated stock and I have just reconstituted it with water and use as a base for soups. Or just keep it refrigerated or in the freezer and use it for a nice pork and beans soup or even to flavor your rice or risotto. Hope this helps!
la D. March 27, 2012
If you let the liquid sit in the fridge you can scoop off the fat that floats to the top, then strain the broth and use it to flavor a simple homemade soup. Maybe something with cabbage, diced pork belly, and potatoes. Or you could use it as a cooking liquid for green lentils or rice to add flavor. Or use the liquid to cook black eyed peas as a side dish or black beans as a soup.
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