Should the beans be rinsed and drained? Just Drained? Include liquid?

Chrissy's Best Chili Ever
Recipe question for: Chrissy's Best Chili Ever


ChefJune February 14, 2012
If you're talking about canned beans, I ALWAYS rinse them, and would not include the liquid. I can taste the can otherwise.
MyFareFoodie February 14, 2012
Hi! Sorry for the delay! (I'm currently out of the country.)

I drain and rinse the beans. Hope you like the recipe!!
ecgravatt February 13, 2012
As a general rule I always rinse and drain my beans. Obviously this removes the canning liquid, which can sometimes be very high in sodium. Also, I tend to prefer my bean soups to be on the thicker side. However, you can always add water or broth to obtain your desired consistency without diltuting the flavor too much. Looks like a killer chili!
Kristy M. February 13, 2012
My guess is to not include the liquid but hopefully MyFareFoodie can weigh in!
Angela @. February 13, 2012
Kristy, that is my inclination too but since I'm testing thought I should be sure. There are those that like to include liquid for thickness and "Chrissy" might be one of them. If I don't hear soon I will likely rinse and drain, make note, and indicate if I was wrong.
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