Ways to cook zucchini and squash inside?

I love squash and zucchini, and was given about four of each (smallish sized). I usually grill them outdoors in the summer, but it's snowing. How can I cook them inside?



nutcakes February 15, 2012
Make a gratin. Make a layer of sauteed onions (carmelized is even better) and a can of drained diced tomatoes in a shallow dish. Shingle overlapping 3/8 inch slices of zucchini in rows, using salt, pepper and parmesan cheese to season each row. Drizzle with a bit of olive oil. Roast at 375 for 45-60 minutes, until zucchini is tender and lightly browned. Serve warm or at room temp. In summer, overlap the zucchini with fresh tomato slices and place on the bed of plain onions. Fresh herbs work here too. Delicious.
Kristen W. February 15, 2012
Dice, sauté in olive oil with S & P and a pinch of red pepper flakes until good and caramelized. Serve as bruschetta atop a shmear of ricotta and drizzled atop with olive oil.
babytiger February 14, 2012
Start with a little bacon, then add some garlic, then zucchini and squash round. Cook until desired texture. Serve as a side dish or toss with pasta.

Also, I like roasting them. Just toss rounds/dices with olive oil, salt and pepper (can add other seasonings that you like) and bake. Serve them as a side dish or toss with couscous.

Few other ideas: zucchini latkes/fritters, bread, quiche
susan G. February 14, 2012
After you saute as suggested above, add dill and sour cream. At my house, that's the difference between ignore and devour.
lapadia February 14, 2012
Yum, agree, susan g!! :)
lapadia February 14, 2012
oops...the linked the meatballs, meant to link this: (although a little in the meatballs would probably work :)
lapadia February 14, 2012
Hi, well I think there was a zucchini/squash contest sometime back, you will find a lot of ideas by searching for that. Also, here are a couple ways I like to use them up:
nasilemak February 14, 2012
Cut into batons. Saute them with minced garlic, chili flakes, olive oil, anchovies (let the anchovies dissolve into the oil) and capers.
ElkieOiishi February 14, 2012
That definitely sounds interesting. I've never eaten anchovies before but I'll have to give this a spin. Thanks!
rachelib February 14, 2012
slice into rounds (1/4"), dip in egg whites, and then seasoned panko. Bake, flipping once, until crispy - no soggy squash here.
nasilemak February 14, 2012
Thinly slice, then lightly salt them. Leave them be for 20 minutes and then remove the excess liquid. Saute some minced garlic in canola or peanut oil and then add the veggies. Saute them for about 3 to 4 minutes under a medium flame and then serve.

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CarlaCooks February 14, 2012
Thinly slice, sauté in some butter and oil, season with salt and pepper, and enjoy! You could also add slices of them to a lasagna (a great way to 'hide' vegetables for non-vegetables eaters), or grate them and add to meatloaf to keep the loaf nice and juicy. For a sweet application, make zucchini bread! I made a batch almost every weekend.
ElkieOiishi February 14, 2012
Exactly what I was looking for! Thanks so much!
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