Ideas to freshen up green bean leftovers?

I have leftover takeout: Chinese style stir fry green beans. Any way to freshen them up or incorporate them into another dish?...



HalfPint June 3, 2020
I just submitted a recipe for green beans, bacon/ham, and spicy chili crisps (Lao Gan Ma sauce),

Skip the bean steaming part and toss it all the ingredients together in a skillet. Actually, I just made some for lunch with leftover ham that I had in the fridge (so good!). Only thing is you need the Lao Gan Ma spicy chili crisp sauce (a whole jar of this sauce is inexpensive and worth having in the pantry). Or you can try using chili oil (just add more salt and a bit of sugar).
creamtea June 3, 2020
I was going to say, add them to a composed (or chopped) salad, or stir into soups, if spicy, serve with scrambled eggs.
girlwithaknife June 2, 2020
Ha! As soon as I hit submit I answered my own question: dice and stir into fried rice! Add some herbs for freshness and tada!
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