Washington D.C.

planning another trip...gotta love tax refunds!

my friend and i are planning a weekend trip to D.C. Easter Weekend. It will also be during the Cherry Blossom Festival. We will be staying in the Mt. Pleasant neighborhood.

looking for recommendations for restaurants, happy hours, nightlife. we are trying to keep it budget friendly, but will probably go for 1 nice dinner while we're in town.



Maedl February 29, 2012
My current favorites are Ris in the West End and Dino's and Ripple in Cleveland Park (Ardeo Bardeo is also popular). A new restaurant in Woodley Park that seems to get good reviews is the District Kitchen. I haven't been to Brasserie Beck for several years, but I still hear good things about it and enjoyed it when I was there. And how can you go wrong with their selection of Belgian beers?

I also like Pete's Apizza. Their pizza is excellent and they offer a good antipasti selection. It's always crowded and is cheaper than Two Amy's. Two other DC classics you might enjoy are Ben's Chili Bowl and Florida Ave. Grill.
healthierkitchen February 28, 2012
I forgot to mention, if you can get in, Graffiato is fun.
healthierkitchen February 27, 2012
Love your picks davidpdx! Don't rule out the 14th street corridor - Birch and Barley, Estadio, Cork.
davidpdx February 20, 2012
Used to live there until recently. Since you are staying in the Mt Pleasant area, you will be near the Adams Morgan section (18th and Columbia environs) which is teeming with nightlife, bars, and little eateries, though the quality varies and it can get a bit rowdy. Worth exploring, though. I second the suggestion for 2Amys pizza. Excellent value Italian along with good wines can be found at Dino (Cleveland Park). Good Indian at Masala Art (Tenleytown). Close in for higher end dining would be Corduroy (near the Convention Center), Vidalia (West End), and Komi (Dupont Circle) (though the latter is small and expensive). Personal favorite for terrific seafood (and a good happy hour oyster bar) is Black Salt (MacArthur Blvd/Palisades). Check out a few websites.
ChefJune February 20, 2012
We had a sensational dinner at Bistro Bis in the Capital Hill area last summer. Would definitely recommend it for a fine dinner.
GIOVANNI50 February 20, 2012
For Good italian Cafe Milano's in Georgetown
Decent French Bistro Francais also in Georgetown
DO NOT GO TO Citronelle - extremely expensive French not worth the money
Dean and De Luca does not dissapoint
davidpdx February 20, 2012
Take a look at the blog donrockwell.com for good discussions of DC area food and restaurants!
Mr_Vittles February 20, 2012
Ray's Hell Burger for burgers made from steak cuts, 2 Amys for some of the best VPN-style pizza in the country, and Max's Best for some terrific ice cream.
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