Cake frosting?

I made a 1, 2, 3, 4 cake and plan to fill it with lemon curd. Any suggestions on a frosting/topping?



Bevi February 23, 2012
Gale Gand's Quick Buttercream:
Raquelita February 23, 2012
is the cake pretty? i'd melt some raspberry jam and pour it over like a glaze, then dust with powdered sugar and flower petals. or a mascarpone-whipped cream concoction (mascarpone's tang will play along nicely) if you're planning to get rid of it fairly quickly
POTATO February 23, 2012
How about a frosting w/ coconut -- 7-minute frosting from the Joy of Cooking with some coconut -- or a marshmallow coconut frosting.
Cristina S. February 23, 2012
Similar to Klweaver's suggestion, I like this frosting recipe:
Klweaver February 23, 2012
I make a similar cake, and just use a vanilla buttercream with a little lemon juice in it.
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