Can you use silver top milk to make frosting and use it to decorate a cAke?

  • Posted by: Jkaur
  • August 23, 2017


PieceOfLayerCake August 24, 2017
The fat content of silver top milk is 4% while the fresh cream is 36%.....quite a disparity.
caninechef August 24, 2017
What I find is that "silver top milk" is a brand of "partially homogenized milk". It does say full fat, so my maybe cream has not been skimmed off of it already. You probably could skim off cream which could be whipped. This might depend though on exactly what the "partially" means. You may find it difficult to get enough to whip. I doubt if you could successfully whip the milk straight from the bottle. Growing up we used raw milk from a neighbor and I know my mother could skim the cream off of that and whip it.
PieceOfLayerCake August 23, 2017
Honestly, I'd never heard of "silver top milk" before, so I looked it up, and if its what I see, it just looks like slightly leaner cream. Are you wondering if it can be whipped?
Jkaur August 24, 2017
Yesss im wondering if it can be whipped coz it does say full cream on the bottle so cant it be whipped to decorate
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