Which Frosting or topping is the most stable to use on a wedding cake

Which frosting or topping is the most stable on a wedding cake.
I don’t want to use fondant as people say it doesn’t taste good

  • Posted by: Anne
  • February 21, 2022


Anne February 23, 2022
Thank you for your replies. I’m going to test the Italian and the cream cheese frostings.
HalfPint February 22, 2022
King Arthur Baking did a test of the frostings in hot weather: https://www.kingarthurbaking.com/blog/2018/08/17/best-cake-frosting-hot-weather

Shockingly, the found cream cheese frosting to be the most stable
Italian meringue buttercream is my favorite and more stable in hot humid weather than American buttercream. Plus it tastes way better and looks great on wedding cakes.
Nancy February 21, 2022
Royal icing is one classic Strong but not much taste.
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