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I have a question about the recipe "Pink Bolognese" from Veronica.

Recipe question for: Pink Bolognese


pierino February 25, 2012
In Italy this is a rather modern sauce with some argument over whether it originated in Tuscany or further south, although I've never heard it referred to as "bolognese" before. In Bologna they are pretty strict about the rules.
Mr_Vittles February 25, 2012
I have found the whole of Italy to be pretty strict about (food) rules. Let us remember they have a special "Parmigiano" Police Division.
Mr_Vittles February 25, 2012
Alcohol brings out flavor compounds in the tomatoes that normally do not present themselves if you do not add it. Vodka is higher in alcohol, but any other alcohol can be used as well. Vodka is good because it does not add any other flavors to the dish, keeping the flavors clean.
foodiebiztraveler February 25, 2012
Thanks Mr. Vittles! Have you tried this recipe? It is divine.
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