Roasting poblano peppers in oven - whole or sliced?

I have always roasted my peppers whole and a friend told me she slices and takes the seeds from hers before roasting. Is there a flavor compromise? (I have an electric stove and no outdoor grill.) Thanks in advance!

  • Posted by: SKK
  • February 25, 2012


amycancook February 25, 2012
You can also throw them on a gas stove burner, rotating them every few minutes until blackened on all sides. Throw them in a plastic bag for a few minutes and the steamy peels will slide right off. Then you can stem and seed. Enjoy!
TheLastJalapeno February 25, 2012
Roast them whole until they start getting black spots on them and the skin is easy to peel off. Pop the stem off and shake all the seeds out. Easy prep. :)
petitbleu February 25, 2012
Go ahead and roast 'em whole! I don't think it makes any difference in flavor.
SKK February 25, 2012
Thanks, petitbleu. I was going to try cutting them because it seems easier - don't have to turn them and should be easier to peel. What do you think?
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