What wine should I serve with Bo Ssam (Korean pulled pork)? Any side dishes/salads to serve with it?

Hello helpful Food52'ers! I am going to make Momofuku's Bo Ssam this weekend and haven't a clue what kind of wine I should serve! Perhaps a dry white?? And can you recommend a side dish and/or salad to accompany the bo ssam? I was thinking maybe some kind of 'Asian' coleslaw, but am open to any recommendations. Thanks, as always, for your help!



Ted S. September 9, 2017
You have sour sweet hot and rich. I would serve a crisp Chenin or Viognier or Alsatian Gewurtz. And for the red folks, gutsy Zin not too heavy or Chilean Almaviva (Bordeaux grape blend).
keel February 29, 2012
Sorry, it's been a while since I made the cucumber kimchee. It just has salt and sugar not vinegar. Here's a link to the recipe. http://newyork.timeout.com/sites/default/files/static_content/downloads/726/pickles.pdf

I also like a spicy daikon radish. Here's a link for it (not a Momofuku recipe).

susan G. February 29, 2012
Thanks for the link -- what a great resource!
amysarah February 29, 2012
Reisling would be a good choice. For a slightly more off beat - and usually inexpensive - option, you might want to try a chilled Vinho Verde, from Portugal. It's young, so high in acid, low in alcohol, and fairly fruity - goes well with spicy Asian dishes and I love it in summer with bbq pork ribs and such, so I think it would be happy with the bo ssam. It's light fizz works well with rich, fatty, porky deliciousness.
CarlaCooks February 29, 2012
I didn't even think of vinho verde, amysarah, but that would be great! My husband and I love spending a long weekend in Porto in the summers, sitting by the beach with a bunch of grilled sardine, a nice crisp salad, and of course a bottle of vinho verde. Thanks for the recommendation!
keel February 29, 2012
I like the cucumber kimchee. There's a recipe for them for the pork belly buns but I think they go well with the bo ssam. Crisp and sweet but the rice vinegar gives it a little zing and cuts the fatty pork.
CarlaCooks February 29, 2012
That's a great recommendation, keel. The cucumber kimchee sounds like it would go perfectly with the bo ssam. Thanks so much!
CarlaCooks February 29, 2012
Keel, could you provide me with a link for the pork belly bun and cucumber kimchi recipe? I can't seem to find it. Thanks!
ChefJune February 28, 2012
Wines that are high in acid and low in alcohol, with a little residual sweetness are usually best with spicy food. Rieslings from Germany or Alsace and Alsatian Gewurztraminers are our favorites. Demi-sec Vouvrays work well sometimes. We've always been disappointed when we try to pair a red wine with these foods.
CarlaCooks February 29, 2012
Thanks for the recommendations, ChefJune. I think I am going to end up going with a nice white... possibly an Alsacian Riesling or Portugese Vinho Verde.
CarlaCooks February 28, 2012
Those are some great suggestions, NeuB! Thanks so much! My problem is that I live in Denmark, where the selection of wine isn't the best and the prices are outrageous (especially for a California girl... where's my $5 bottle of decent chardonnay?!?). I am planning on serving the bo ssam with the recommended rice, bibb lettuce, and different sauces. I am just looking for another side to serve with it all... I'm considering Sagegreen's Asain pear slaw (http://www.food52.com/recipes/15044_asian_pear_slaw) or maybe bitchincamero's spicy mango cucumber slaw (http://www.food52.com/recipes/4826_pork_sandwich_w_spicy_mango_cucumber_slaw).
Miranda R. February 28, 2012
I would be inclined to serve the same wines that you'd normally serve with other asian foods - so yes, probably a zippy and dry Riesling or Gewürztraminer? However, I'm also a big fan of bubbly with everything, so a super dry prosecco could be fun since Bo Ssam is such a party food. Beer would be good, too, of course - an IPA to cut through the fattyness of the pork would be in my glass, I think. Also , yum! Have fun!
CarlaCooks February 28, 2012
Thanks for the recommendations, Miranda! I, too, am a huge fan of bubbly... specifically the kind that's pink and comes in a Moët bottle!
I might serve some beer for 'the boys', but I'm not a beer drinker. One way or the other, we'll have fun and eat well!
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