Can We Make Notes and Transfer Them Alongside a Saved Recipe?

Usually when i read a recipe that i want to make, i come up with tweaks for my future attempt. Is there any way I can write notes of my thoughts that will accompany the recipe when I save it?

When I do make a 52 recipe, I first cut and paste it into Word so I can enlarge the font , cut out unneeded elements, and place it on the page in a way that best suits my eyesight. I make Notes at that time but i'm unlikely to remember all my ideas from when i originally read and liked the recipe.
Thanks for your help.

LeBec Fin


Ryan H. February 19, 2015
Glad to hear that there is desire for this type of feature. Our team has been discussing a feature that I think would suit your needs very well that we're hoping to get on our roadmap this year. Stay tuned!
patty@bryce April 29, 2015
Hope this stays on your radar. I am an avid note writer on recipes and really don't want to have to move files to another site. This would be terrific.
emcsull June 13, 2015
I hope so too, I would really like to be able to make notes for myself right here on the site, copying and pasting somewhere else is even more work and my time is precious.
emcsull June 13, 2015
I hope so too, I would really like to be able to make notes for myself right here on the site, copying and pasting somewhere else is even more work and my time is precious.
Nancy February 18, 2015
Another thought: I suspect there is a tech cost issue if we all save modified versions of recipes we make, like, think of making...multiply # in community by # of recipes used & pretty soon, as the late senator Everest Dickson used to say, you''re talking real money. E.g., for servers and storage costs.
amysarah February 18, 2015
Yes, but I don't want to save modified recipes on the site. I was just asking about a function to enter notes - not touching the actual recipe...pretty much the way we can leave public comments, just not clogging the general comment thread. Regardless, just something I wondered about, really not very important.
Nancy February 18, 2015
amysarah -- sorry, but I wasn't replying to your note. I thought I heard others wanting to add their tweaks to a recipe and save the whole thing.
drshakyhands February 17, 2015
I recommend getting a recipe saving software/app. I use Paprika, and I love it. It makes it super easy to "cut & paste" recipes from the internet, including their pictures, using a built in browser designed to save recipes. Then you can order everything by category, source, etc. Whatever you desire. And then add the ingredients to your grocery list (and things to your pantry so it knows what you have on hand). I cannot live without my Paprika. I even type in recipes from my regular cookbooks in there so I don't get them all dirty (although my mom says a dirty recipe means it was a good recipe).
amysarah February 17, 2015
I also cut/paste to Word, adjust font size and edit out verbiage that seems unnecessary to me if I'm printing (helps me focus on the main steps... also less wasteful of ink cartridges/paper.) I don't mind doing that 'outside' the Food52 framework - I figure we all have our own preferences for finagling the text/print. However, I do wish there was a way to add notes to my saved recipes - not as general public 'comments', just for my own purposes. Is adding this function to our saved collections on the radar for upcoming site tinkering?
AntoniaJames February 17, 2015
I do that, too. ;o)
LeBec F. February 18, 2015
amysarah and aj, the way i have handled this that is far from ideal is that I have forwarded to my email the link for the recipe and made my idea notes on that forward, with recipe title in subject line and 'high' priority clicked , which is my own code for" print this". When I open the email to click the link and open the recipe, i see my notes and can add them after i cut ,paste, edit and resize the recipe. Right- not ideal. But one good thing about this method is that it encourages me to only forward recipes that i REALLY want to make!!! It is pehaps toooo easy to store them via 52. (Control, control, control-- not my forte.)
amysarah February 18, 2015
That's pretty much my method, but I skip the email part - I just cut/paste to Word directly from the recipe here (as it appears when you click 'print' - but don't actually print) - then in Word edit text, add notes as necessary, and print that.
Nancy February 17, 2015
Bec fin - do you want your notes on all in one place anywhere or on fod52 version? One solution if the 1st: print the word version, make notes on it as you cook, if you decide you like your adaptations, go back to your word version & enter changes. If you're neat/courageous you could do this on device (phone, iPad etc) in kitchen. or make your handwritten notes as you cook, then as comments to the recipe on food52.last, have you tried storing your recipes in evernote, as an article here Feb 2014 suggested...many seem to like it.
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